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A letter to EFT students

Date: Fri, Apr 27, 2012

To: Gunilla Hamne


I sent this out to over 300 EFTers in a letter to my students. I hope some of them contribute to your wonderful work…


Last weekend I spoke at the EFT Gathering in Orangeville. There I had the opportunity to meet with many EFT practitioners who’re offering amazing EFT help to various populations.

One of the most exceptional was Gunilla Hamne, who bills herself as a Trauma Therapist and Trainer. Gunilla lives in Sweden and has been teaching Tapping to African villagers through her Peaceful Heart Network.

She showed us several videos of groups of young people as they tapped themselves on the EFT spots to the tune of songs and drums. It was thrilling. These are youngsters who’d been traumatized by being forced to be part of a killing organization. You can read about it at, and any contribution you want to make would be so appreciated.

Her work is groundbreaking. She calls it Trauma Tapping Technique, or TTT, and they do it without words, as speaking about the horrors they’ve endured would once again bring the memories into consciousness and possibly traumatize them once again. She also teaches groups of women who’ve been similarly brutalized. Happy smiling faces is what we saw after the singing, drumming and tapping. Because she’s made it so simple it’s being passed around through the villages like wild fire. Such good work done as a volunteer.


** Crystal Hawk