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Umuhuza is an organization created to respond to the need of the community to resolve their conflict. It teaches the grass root communities the capacity of taking action to resolve their conflict before it creates a crises.

The main community conflicts are trauma based and it is impossible to heal the community while yourself you are not healed. In Rwanda there are not many possibilites to find trauma healers. Therefore it was quite difficult for Umuhuza to help people, while requesting the psychologist who are not many in our country.

When I met Gunilla Hamne in 2008, she told me about the TTT method, I found it very interesting and I thought it could benefit the families we work with in conflict resolution. Her method is easy and applicable to anybody, who in turn is also capable to do it.

I invited her to train the practitioners who work daily with the parents in the field and since then they train the parents how to do it. Now 950 families are aware to treat themselves and to treat others in Ngororero district in northern Rwanda.

“It‘s a miracle”, they say. Some of them who was suffering of chronic headache are now recovered and keep treating others. There are others who could not sleep well since the genocide in 1994, but by the TTT they are now recovered.

One woman said: “I was angry every day and I wished to revenge my lost family, but since I am treated now I feel it is possible to forgive.”

Those are some testimonies from our group, but the changes are so many, we definitely adopted the TTT technique to heal body, spirit and thoughts.

Thanks for Gunilla Hamne, a pioneer to start TTT in Rwanda.

Mukahabeshimana Didacienne
Country Coordinator