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Our Partners and Trainings

These are organisations we have trained or worked with spreading TTT. Please contact us if you know of a similar organisation that can benefit from our experiences and knowledge of empowering survivors of traumatic situations and the people who work with them.



Folke Bernadotte Academy (
Course in Reconciliation as Practice and Process
Trauma workshop with TTT and Do-In.
Participants: 30 participants from 25 countries, active in
reconciliation processes.

Swedish Church Aid (
Trauma workshop with representatives of the Psychosocial Roster of
Swedish Church Aid.
Participants: 25 participants from 20 different countries.

Swedish School of Kinesiology (
Trauma workshops (recurrent) as part of education in Mental
Kinesiology and Psychopractor.
Participants: 15-25 students per year.

Fryshuset (
Trauma Workshop with psychosocial assistants working with young people
with difficulties.
Participants: 10 psychosocial assistants working with different
vulnerable groups of youth.

Örebro Landsting
Governmental Health Care in charge of mental health in Örebro län.
Participants:12 psychologists and therapists working mainly with
refugees and others in need of psychological support.


Initiatives of Change – Forum on Human Security (
Four Trauma Workshops with  apprx 10 conference participants active in
peace and reconciliation from different parts of the world.
Participants: In total 40 participants.




Initiatives of Change (
Trauma Workshops in Ottawa (1) and Toronto (3) with staff, members and
associates of Initiatives of Change.
Participants: In total approximately 60 participants.

Health Canada/Santé Canada, Montreal
Trauma Workshop with mental health unit working with First Nation communities.
Participants:10 staff of psychologists, administrators and coordinators.

Agape, Montreal
Trauma Workshop with  association of  Colombian refugees and
volunteers supporting former child soldiers in Colombia.
Participants: 15 refugees and volunteers.

CAIET – Canadian Association of Integrative and Energy Therapies,
Toronto (
Workshop and break out session at conference for Energy Psychology.
Participants: 20 Energy Psychology practitioners and learners.



Norwegian Church Aid/NCA (
Trauma Workshops – Training of Trainers –  including practice with
beneficiaries with
25 of the NCA partner organization in Eastern DR Congo working on
psychosocial support for woman subjected to sexual violence, children
associated to armed groups, minority groups  etc. Organizations in
Goma, Masisi, Kalehe, Bukavu, Walungu, Luhwindja and Uvira.**
Participants: Total 140 participants in training of three days +
beneficiaries + follow up.

CIty of joy/V-DAY ( ), Bukavu
Trauma Workshops – Training of Trainers – including practice with
beneficiaries – women subjected to gender based violence selected to
participate in 6 months rehabilitation and empowerment training) for
psychosocial assistants.
Participants: Four psychosocial assistants and 42 beneficiaries at
three (3) different occasions.

BVES (partner of Unicef), Bukavu
Trauma Workshops – Training of Trainers – including practice with
beneficiaries for staff working with children associated to armed
groups and unaccompanied children. And direct  treatments.
Treatments and trainings with beneficiaries.
Participants: 35 psychosocial assistants and apprx 150 beneficiaries.

Panzi Hospital, Bukavu ( )
Trauma Workshops – Training of Trainers – including practice with
beneficiaries for psychosocial assistants and psychologists working
with women subjected to gender based violence.
Participants: Two (2) psychologists and 18 psychosocial assistants +

Sosame Mental Hospital, Bukavu
Trauma workshop and training at mental health clinic.
Participants: 12 medical doctors, psychiatrist, nurses and therapists.

ABFEK, (Action pour le Bien etre des Femmes et Enfants de Kivu),
Mumosho (
4 workshops  with with aim to create a Trauma Healing Center.
Participants: Total 50 women and men including teachers and nurses.

Ushindi Centre, Bukavu ( )
Trauma workshop and training with beneficiaries at vocational training
center for women survivors of war and gender based violence.
Participants: 30 beneficiaries, 4 trainers and one psychologist.

ASO – Association de Soutien de l´Opprime´, Bukavu
Trauma Workshop and training at center for music, dance and theatre
for performances and workshops on human rights issues. (Collaborating
with among others Panzi hospital, Bukavu and Heal Africa, Goma, War
Child Holland and Avsi). )
Participants: 25 (Bukavu) and 15 (Goma) artists working on healing projects.

ULPGL – Université Libre des Pays des Grandes Lacs, Bukavu
Trauma workshop at department of Psychology and Community Development.
Participants: 150 students and teachers.

Malteser International,  Bukavu (
Trauma Workshop with organization working in violent hit areas in Eastern DRC.
Participants: Coordinator responsible for the psychosocial outreach.

**Organizations included in the NCA trainings for example:
Dorchas rehabilitation center of Panzi hospital,
LAV – Laissez Afrique Vivre (rehabiliattion and vocational trainings
of children associated to the armed groups),
ECC – Eglise de Christ au Congo
and others.




Gisozi Genocide Memorial Museum, Kigali (
Trauma Workshop at museum portraying the Rwandan genocide as well as
other genocides and human rights violations around the world.
Participants: 8 councellors and guides caring for the visitors and
their sometimes very strong emotional reactions.

Norwegian Church Aid/NCA  (
Trauma Workshop with one of NCA´s partners called Prison Fellowship in
Participants: 20 widows of the genocide and 3 councellors.

Umuhuza –  (“Mediator”), Kigali and Ngororero
Trauma workshop with Rwandan NGO organizing trainings for changing
attitudes and behavior on community level.
A. 25 volunteers from different NGOs and churches.
B. 18 outreach trainers for the program called “Child I care” in Ngororero.
C. 170 parents who make part of the project “Child I care”.
The trainers of Child I Care have after the workshop trained all
parents in the project, in total at least 500 persons.

Sevota – Solidarité pour l’Epanouissement  des Veuves et Orphelins
visant et Travail et l’Auto Promotion Rwandan NGO working with groups of orphans, widows, women subjected to sexual violence, women living with children of rape and their children, former prostitutes, hiv-positive men and women, men in need of support (aggression)  and other vulnerable groups.

Trauma workshops have been held with the local groups of Sevota all
over Rwanda (Musanze, Cyuve, Nyundo, Ngororero, Mbogo/Rulindo,
Gihinga, Remera-Rukoma, Muhanga, Butare,Kiziguro, Kabuga, Kiyovu,
Jali, Bugasera) and their Forum for Women subjected to Sexual
Violence. Several of the members of the groups have become trainers of trauma treatment after the workshops..
Participants: 50 workshops with 10-120 participants (total 1 500 participants)

Central Hospital of Kigali (CHUK)
Treatment of referred patients coming to the hospital believing they
had heart problems.
Contact: Dr Emmanuel Gasakure, cardiologist
Participants: 10 heart patients

Rwanda Women´s Network (
Trauma Tapping presentation for organization supporting women´s health
and development.
Participants: 20  volunteer community health workers.

Kigali Health Institute, Kigali  (
Trauma workshop at educational institute for health care professionals.
Participants: 6 lecturers/teachers of the Mental Health Department.

AOCM – Association des Orphelins Chefs de Menages, Kigali
Trauma Workshops for members of Association of AOCM  orphan
survivors/child heads of households . Recurrent workshops from 2007 –
2009 and outreach in the community of Kyininya.
Participants: 40 orphans/child heads of households

Ibuka, (“Rememeber” ), Kigali (
Trauma Workshop Umbrella organization of survivor’s organizations of
Rwanda (widows, students and orphans).
Participants: 30 psychosocial counselors from the different provinces of Rwanda.

Arct- Ruhuka –  Association Rwandese des Counselors en Traumatisme, Kigali 2 Trauma Workshops with outreach counselors from different parts of Rwanda and Kigali belonging to the national Trauma Treatment center in Kigali.
Participants: 60 outreach councelors

Kanyarwanda, Kigali
Workshop with association supporting among others women raped during
the genocide.
Participants: 40 women survivors of render based violence and 3 councellors

Musanze – (main municipality in northern Rwanda)
Trauma workshop with local government administration of social affairs.
Participants: 130 representatives from local communities of Musanze.

Episcopal Church of Rwanda
Workshop with representatives of protestant church working with trauma
Participants: 10 pastors from different parts of Rwanda.

Tulane (
NGO connected to Tulane University in USA working on health care
issues in collaboration with Ministry of Health.
Participants: 10 administrators and coordinators.



Fambul Tok (
Trauma Workshops with organization working on reconciliation on
community as well as national and international level.
Workshops held in the chiefdoms of Moyamba, Kono, Koinadugu and
Kailahun. Participants from all villages within the chiefdom.
Participants: 100-150 participants / workshop. In total more than 1500.




Empire des Enfants, Dakar (
Trauma Workshop with NGO working for rehabilitation and repatriation
of trafficked minors from neighbouring Guinea Bissau.
Participants: 10 psychosocial assistance

Training of Trainers Reaching out to by trainings in Sweden,
Switzerland, US and Canada



Salem Rajani  (
Participants: widows and other survivors of war