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The Peace Package 2018

Welcome to join the Global Quest 2018 to distribute Peace Packages worldwide in areas of conflict, post-conflict and other areas or people with needs.

By investing 30 USD in a Peace Package for yourself or somebody else you help us to keep distributing peace packages in zones of need and post-conflict. Win-win.

Your peace of mind is a contribution to the world in itself. We know this from experience.

Everybody does something to relieve stress, so do you. The question is if it can be done even simpler, if we can add some more tools to your toolbox and some more information that you can apply wisely in your life.

Feb 05: 
Webinar training for TTT – day 1/2 

March 12: 
Webinar training for TTT – day 2/2



An instruction film: How to tap yourself

Symptoms: Understand stress & trauma

Here is our book: Resolving Yesterday

The bucket of resilience: A film about stress & trauma

A fantastic exercise: DoIn energy self-massage

Instruction materials: Self-regulation in 9 languages 


You also get to join all our online webinars where you can learn TTT and get certified – and get email support all of next year.


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Trauma Help!

Follow the movie and help yourself now. Due to the acts of terrorism in Stockholm we have made a Swedish instruction for self-regulation.
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New self-regulation instruction video

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We found Marie in a small house in the outskirts of Kigali. Her fragile body was present in the room, but her thoughts were trapped in the genocide almost 20 years earlier; a never-ending nightmare where she was beaten down to the ground with clubs.


“Thank you for what you offered to the people of Kenya, many said you have given them a life long gift. You are planting seeds of peace in people. They will grow and become a forest.”

Pastor James Wuye


The intervention we taught Marie in less than an hour gave her relief after a few sessions, and is a simple relaxation technique that can be learned by anyone. The method is called Trauma Tapping Technique and we have spread it to over 100.000 people in conflict-ridden parts of the world. Anybody can help spread it, all you need is the will to do so.

Marie is just one of millions of people caught in horrific memories from war, trauma and stress (the woman in the image is not Marie). The need for a non-specialist intervention is global. Imagine the memories refugees from Syria are carrying. Despite incredible numbers of people in this situation we believe everyone can make a difference and this is how:

We have written a book about this method and our experiences; “Resolving Yesterday – First Aid for Stress and Trauma with TTT”. We are giving away an e-version so as many as possible can learn and benefit from this through self-help and helping those around them.


“The TTT is now a mainstream in all walks of our lives, place of work, home etc. We are currently engaged with SGV victims. We no doubt employ it and will make you know.”

Tafesse Haile, Ethiopia


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“For Rwanda, this treatment is very important.  It is also not expensive if we consider other  treatments which demand the experts or high education in the domain and other materials. I see this treatment method as answer of the problem of trauma in Rwanda because many people can be trained and assist their collegues.”

Naphtal Ahishakiye, Ibuka (Umbrella organisation of genocide survivors organisations in Rwanda) former President of AOCM and winner of Worlds´s Children´s Prize for the Rights of the Child in 2006


Mahatma Gandhi said:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Joining our community is an opportunity to be that change!

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“We can only grow as a people and as a nation when we have peace inside, and as I understand these exercises give exactly that – peace of mind and heart. “

Leopold Rwagasana, local administrator, Ruhengeri


Feb 05: 
Webinar training for TTT – day 1/2 

March 12: 
Webinar training for TTT – day 2/2

Every month
 you can join our online webinar training in how to handle emotional and traumatic stress in yourself and people around you. You will learn in two hours on two occasions and can get certified. Trainings are funded by donations.



Cover-Resolving-YesterdayOur Kindle Version is #1 on Kindle UK for First Aid books. When you buy this or the paper version you support our work. You also help by downloading the FREE epub version of
Resolving Yesterday or tell somebody to do so!

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Dr Siyana about TTT in Lesbos
Dr Siyana about TTT in LesbosDr Siyana about TTT as a way to manage stress and secondary trauma for volunteers working in Lesbos with the refugees. Watch the video here!
Self help for trauma
New video can help save traumatized refugees lives
SelfHelpForTrauma-380Tigrinya – Spanish – German – French
Somali – Farsi – Dari – Arabic 

The World Health Organization, WHO, is calling for methods to deal with daily emotional distress as well as trauma that non-specialists can administer and self – administer, and this is exactly what we offer – TTT – Trauma Tapping Technique.

Short instruction here>>


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Read the incredible story of Murigo and Gunilla teaching TTT to thousands of prisoners