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DR Congo — Bienfait Zihalirwa


Bienfait ZihalirwaI studied Psycho-Pedagogy and got qualified in 2015. Later I went to do other psychology trainings. since 2016, I am a freelancer in well-being in every situation. I certainty believe in inner peace and no matter what I work in social

I encountered TTT in 2016 when I met Trauma tappers from BVES and saw the wonderful techniques they were utilizing. I tried to speak to them after the session and agreed to teach me, since then. I teach other people to teach others and spread it as much as they can.

In TTT I found a complementary skills accordingly to my field. Since it’s very fast,simple and useful for the clients whether in tenfold or individually.

I found this excitedly wonderful since it’s international Network.

I’m over delighted to share it.

Bienfait Zihalirwa
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