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USA, CA — Dr. Victoria Bentley

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA: Trauma Tapper, Trauma Psychologist, Activist


Victoria Bentley, Trauma TapperDr. Victoria Bentley is a trauma psychologist and activist working for women’s equity worldwide. Based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA and Bukavu, DRC, she pioneered the use of CBT and group therapy for anxiety disorders. She is currently involved in developing trauma healing processes to treat the millions of war survivors, rape victims and displaced people in Africa. A member of Rotary Club of Montecito, she speaks at Rotary Clubs across the world about the urgent need to stop violence against women and children in DRC and to create sustainable programs for their recovery. Dr. Bentley has teamed up with Gunilla Hamne in Bukavu DRC to treat women survivors of sexual violence with TFT tapping, which they have found significantly reduces PTSD symptoms, such as insomnia, startle response, irritability, phobias, panic attacks, and headaches.

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