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India — Ambika Warrier | peaceful heart network
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India — Ambika Warrier

Ambika Warrier

A teacher by profession, I also work as a hypnotherapist and a Trauma Tapper.

I learned about TTT during one of the conferences I attended in New Delhi, India. It is an amazing technique and has an added advantage that the person undergoing the therapy doesn´t need to speak about his problem. Also, the entire process does not require more than 30 minutes at the maximum with evident results at the end of the session.

Using TTT, I have been able to help grownups get rid of their emotional baggage and students come out of their anxiety. This has made them more self confident and also have a positive outlook towards life.

I use TTT and hypnosis as a combination and this has helped my clients a lot. I wish to spread this technique as much as possible so that all of us have a chance to get rid of our emotional baggage.

I practise in New Delhi and you can contact me at:
+91 98715 16454
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