“I attended the sessions given by your team. It was a great experience. I hope to use it  in my therapy. I could see in your team a prefect blending of stage art, music and simple & logical use  of Trauma Tapping Techniques. I appreciate very much your desire to help people in distress. Hope to keep in touch with you.”

Rev.Dr.Jose Puthenveed. St.Joseph’s Guidance & Counseling Centre, Kollam, Kerala

From St Vincent CMI School, Kerala

We were three from Peaceful Heart Network who were invited to the National Conference on Hypnotherapy in New Delhi in India last October: Gunilla Hamne, Ulf Sandström and Fredrik Praesto.

From the 9th National Conference of Hypnotherapy in Delhi

We did several workshops using our generated knowledge on Trauma Tapping (TTT),  Hypnosis as well as other exercises including music. It turned out to be the most popular seminars, probably because we mix theory and practice with our joyful performances on stage. 

Extra workshop Under The Tree

On request held one extraTTT workshop. Since there was no room available we said: “Let´s meet under the tree outside the conference center.” That was a well received suggestion. Dr Rajvi Vyas, one of the organizers, came up to us under the tree and said: “This is wonderful, you are continuing a 5000 year old tradition in India of teaching under a tree.”

Extra workshop Under The Tree

We also held two workshops in the south of India, in Kerala. with students, teachers and professional counselors, medical doctors, nuns and priests.

Geothirbhavan Counselling Centre, Kerala